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Rhythm of Time

This group of paintings is associated with time, growth, memories and feelings, and I subconsciously uses color forms in nature during the creation. The nature and we the human co-exist in time and space, as we are spectators and memory objects in each other's lives. Our growth also witnesses the wandering of time. Some articles that exist in our daily life are abstractly replaced by certain memories in our growth, breaking the limitation of time, reorganizing, keeping and preserving those subtle memories and feelings.

Whether in Buddhist classic works or quantum physics theories, the concept of "all things have no definite looks" is mentioned, but different fields hold different views on it. What the first part of the video work wants to express is not to take universal cognition as the definition of "truth". I focused on the relationship between what we see and what we hear: when we perceive sounds with our heart, the information of sound will gradually lead us into another brand-new visual world through synesthesia; or when we see a scene with the original sound proofed, our visual thinking is enabled to find the matching sound. At this moment, we have added subjective views and desires to the fantasy about sounds and images.

Placing different pictures and sounds in a bizarre yet reasonable context via a technique similar to dubbing in a dubbing-like situation, there appears to be a subtle connection between them. It may surprise you, but isn't it this accident making you re-examine the definition of "truth?"