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Shell Girl

2021 / Yantai, China
Shell, fabric Variable size

I realized a unified dilemma facing modern young girls. The conflict within the family primarily comes from disciplining the dressing style of children to fit the image of "well-behaved girls". Such conflict is deeply rooted in the social consensus of "judging women by their appearances." Parents are obliged to ask girls to dress and behave conservatively to protect them from latent harm or insult, further disguising the deeply rooted rule of treating women in this society.

Therefore, I applied the concept of "covering up" to the clothing design. I made a very tight-covering yet weird-looking dress to cover up the body ostensibly. Behind the dress, however, I actually concealed the inherent idea of the society's "materialization of women", which equates the behaviors like wearing a revealing outfit, dressing up for self-expression, smoking or drinking with sexual and seductive concepts, judging "good girls" from a hypocritical moral high ground.